Zarach Hub

Colt Enterprise has partnered with Zarach to give Every Head a Bed  in Calderdale.

Together Colt Enterprise and Zarach partnered to become the  Zarach Calderdale Hub.  Zarach Hubs helps meet the basic needs of children and give them a good night's sleep and an equal opportunity to succeed at school. Referrals are received from local schools and children are given a Zarach Bed Bundle. Each Bed Bundle includes a brand new bed, mattress, duvet, pillow, bed sheets, pyjamas, and a hygiene kit. 

We all know the importance of a good night's sleep. And the impact of long-term sleep deprivation of a child's ability to learn at school is well documented. Together Colt Enterprise and Zarach are helping families in crisis rise up from surviving to thriving, so children can Eat, Sleep, Learn.

How To Make a Referral 

If you are from a Halifax school please email and our team will send you all you need to register and refer.
If you are a family in need of support,we need a referral from a professional supporting your family. Please reach out to your school with the information above, or email and our team will try and support you to get a school referral.

How can you support the Zarach Calderdale Hub?

Donate Bed Bundle items - there is a drop-off point at Colt Mills for you to donate bedding items; single bedding sets, single fitted sheets, pyjamas (ages 2-16 - any gender), single bedding sets, toothpaste, toothbrush or shower gel.
£12.50 each month will buy a bed in a year - donate at and your donation will buy our high-quality, brand-new beds and mattresses.
Consider volunteering - Colt Enterprise would love you to get involved practically in supporting your local Zarach Hub. Please email:
Inform your local schools - we rely on referrals from local schools. Please consider reaching out to schools in Halifax to make them aware of this amazing, free, service.