House of Handsome Barbers
Neil & Meesha

A small, dedicated group of barbers willing to help and make a difference in our community. We were established in 2018 within Elland. Our move to Colt Enterprise will, hopefully, enable us to find the next generation of barbers to continue our work into the future.

Instagram: @houseohhandsomehx5
House of Handsome barbers Elland

Rusty's Coffee Club
Rusty & Ingrid

Rusty’s Coffee Club was created in 2020 after realising that the temporary absence of coffee shops was detrimental to meeting spaces, contributing to social isolation issues. We set about creating a method to safely take coffee outside where people could meet, whilst also holding a mindset of creating workplace opportunities. In 2022 we became a collaborator of Colt Enterprise and set about transforming their previously unoccupied mill space. Our coffee sommelier and consultant, Ingrid, has become a much-loved barista training specialist and has nurtured a fantastic team of highly professional baristas, building their confidence. 

Our goal is to further the offer of support to our workshop-trained baristas and give further opportunities to develop their skill set and build on confidence. We will work alongside Project Colt and the Enterprise collaborators and continue to deliver an element of the Inspire and Achieve Programme encompassing the Change of Lifestyle Training by making all participants feel valued, giving them purpose, and allowing them to grow.

We will further develop the brand of Rusty’s Coffee Club which quite simply is “more than just coffee”.

Facebook: Rusty's Coffee Club

Serenity Wellbeing Gardens

My garden has been my therapy for years. Growing, tending, and nurturing my garden has got me through several difficult episodes of mental ill health. In 2021 I took a bold leap, stepping away from the career path I had followed for many years, to work with people and nature to support mental health and wellbeing. Through Social and Therapeutic Horticulture (STH), I discovered a way to share the therapeutic benefits of gardening with others and to encourage reconnection with nature, something that so many people have sadly lost.
Serenity Wellbeing Gardens was founded in May 2021, and I have worked with many organisations and charities delivering therapeutic horticulture programmes to meet a variety of needs. The positive effect and impact of these projects has been astounding to see and cannot be underestimated.
Instagram: @serenitywellbeinggardens Facebook: Serenity Wellbeing Gardens Email:

Lucy Arden

I am a mother and a maker. I sewed, knitted and created from an early age, inspired by my own mother and grandmothers. My passion for textiles was nurtured in secondary school by an inspirational teacher. After gaining a degree in Fashion Design, I followed a digital career in clothing design. A long fertility journey and a battle with chronic fatigue syndrome brought a halt to my original career path as I had to focus on my health and wellbeing. This healing journey led me to new pathways, ideas and ways of thinking. I make words spill out from my brain onto a page, I make art on a canvas, hand stitched embroideries, create felt fabric from wool fibres, random things with wire and make collages with inspiring words. Intuitive creative work, healing from within. The physical process of making all of these “things” helps me to navigate my way through life. I use creativity to process my inner world. To create, dream, develop, recharge and try to make sense of life. To re-energise through creative energy, so I can return to motherhood a better mother. It is the oxygen I need to breathe. Without it I lose an integral part of my identity.

Instagram: @lucyardenmotherartist
Facebook: Lucy Arden Mother Artist

Heartfelt Treasures

Heartfelt Treasures encourages self-belief and self-esteem through workshops and arts & crafts. I started crafting in 2013 and have slowly built up a customer base by trading at markets and fayres.

I like to try my hand at lots of different crafts but especially love decoupage. There are so many different decoupage techniques and all of them are fun to do. I have run a few craft sessions here at Colt and love teaching people how to let their creative juices flow! I am looking forward to bringing more craft sessions in the future.

Facebook: Heartfelt Treasures

Boston Vintage
James & Struan

We are a married retired couple with between us experience in NHS Management and teaching vulnerable adults. We have a passion for antiques and vintage items. We currently run a concession selling vintage clothes (pre the year 2000) and up-cycled quirky items.  
Our next step is to join the volunteer programme and use some of our working and life experiences to good use. As collaborators we would love to facilitate some well-being walks aimed at all abilities. Walking in small groups enables people to open up, feel more confident, share life experiences and generally feel better about themselves. It’s good for our mental health as well as our physical. In addition, we would like to offer some general knowledge quizzes, with the emphasis on fun and not too taxing.
We believe if we all do our bit, we can all make a difference.

Pamela, Christine, Adele & Debra

HueTopiArt is a collective of four artists who share space, offer
workshops and exhibitions.

Pamela - Pamela Lee Art

I am originally from Aberdeen in the North of Scotland. After a 30 year career in banking in Yorkshire - I decided to start a new chapter in life. I have always sketched from being quite small, but when my son was studying for A-level Art, I would watch him at the kitchen table and think.... 'I would love to do that!'. I then started to avidly paint, around 12 years ago. I started a Saturday Art class with celebrated Yorkshire Sculptor and Fine Artist Jamie Frost in Holmfirth. There I learned to paint in oils, and then my passion really took off!  
I have completed lots of art courses, collaborated with other artists, and enjoy creating commissioned artworks. I am now looking forward to the next stage of my art journey - joining 3 other artists as part of the HueTopiArt collective at Colt Enterprise in our lovely studio!

Instagram:  @pamelaleeart Facebook:  Pamela Lee Art

Christine -
Kissy Colour Art and Crafts

For many years my paint brushes collected cobwebs and dust until the need for creativity could not be locked up any longer.
My art has been described as illustrative and figurative. I love to encapsulate a moment of joy, that moment that no one else can describe. I don't have a particular style but I love to explore colour in many mediums. A large part of my collections have been acrylic on canvas. I produce a lot of commission pieces which have been bought internationally and are available in venues around West Yorkshire.
One of my biggest achievements was in 2019 where I illustrated the characters for a children's book written by Emma Hardcastle of curious cats publishers, Bluetooth and the worldwide Web.
I hold creative art workshops to encourage people to unlock their creativity and support their well-being, group work and 121s.

Instagram: @kissy_colour Facebook: Kissy Colour

Adele - Juicy Watercolours

I have painted and drawn all my life and over recent years, have become more serious about it and have been making more space for it.My artwork can be seen at the Colt studio, in various galleries, and public spaces. I have exhibited at Burton Agnes Hall, Beverley Cathederal, Oakwell Hall, and The Barn.
I cannot imagine a day without art. As the name suggests, I love watercolour. I love my process, I love the Colt space, I love painting and I love working with my fellow artists at HueTopiArt.

Debra - Calm Art

 I loved to sketch when I was younger, but I didn’t take art at school and chose business college instead (my big regret!); but art found me eventually. I’ve joined various workshops to develop my techniques and I love learning how to create art with all the many different mediums and tools - I'm still on a quest to find my favourite!  I use watercolours, acrylics, oils, pastels, inks and Chinese Brush Painting. I don’t have a style or topic preference but I love abstract, quirky and bright pops of colour.
My name was inspired by my holistic therapy business - 'Calm You' as I believe calm can be achieved through therapy and art, in fact art is a therapy in itself. I’ve sold my art locally and internationally and exhibit my art at various local venues.
Instagram: @debralumb_calmart Facebook: Calm Art