Helping you to find your freedom. The umbrella term we use for our recovery work is Day Treatment Recovery Programme (DTRP). Within this framework we have several groups and programmes

Pre-Detox Groups

These groups run twice per week for participants, and focus on supporting people who are in active addiction, helping them to achieve abstinence as they engage with recovery (12-week programme).

Recovery groups

Once a person has completed the pre-detox groups, they join this recovery group which support people to stay clean (12-week programme).

1-2-1 Mentoring and Counselling Sessions

Depending on the individuals needs they might be offered 1-1 mentoring support, which provides more intense and focused recovery support. We also offer counselling services from trained counsellors for those people who need to tackle specific deeply rooted problems.

Growth Groups

This is a 12-week therapeutic programme which tackles issues around an individuals core belief system (female groups)

Inspire and Achieve Programme

This is a rolling weekly programme supporting people into purposeful work and skills building opportunities, within the SMART recovery peer support programme. There is a strong overlap between this programme and the work and volunteer placement programme as people also access all the courses available on that programme. 

Volunteer and Work Placements

We offer around 50-70 work and volunteer placements each year for people involved in the recovery journey, or those who want to learn skills and/or disciplines to get back into employment. This takes place within a safe and supportive environment (lasting from a few weeks to several years, depending on the individuals needs). We provide training courses such as Barista, Barbering, Horticulture, Upcycling, Art, and more (courses can be a one-day workshop up to lasting 6 weeks). More courses are added continuously.

Phase One: Contemplation

This includes initial assessment, risk assessment, care planning, brief intervention therapies, motivational interviewing and relapse prevention. Referrals are made to other providers of treatment and medical services and supporting pre & post detox therapeutic group/programmes for men and women from other local organisations through partnerships and collaboration.

By the end of Phase One a service user:
  • acknowledges that they have a problem
  • becomes motivated to change
  • accepts that they need to be abstinent from all mind-altering substances
This allows for the appropriate support to be given as they ask for help and develop hope.

Phase Two: Action

Our programme is for as long as our service users may need it. This is where we differ from other mainstream providers who work within specific timeframes. We recognise a person with long term entrenched addiction is not ‘cured’ of the disease of addiction in a few weeks.

The main components address the bio-psycho-social and the spiritual aspects for effective treatment through care planning, 1:1 counselling, group work and mentoring, and raising awareness of self-help groups for the promotion of healthy lifestyles, including encouraging all our service users to attend AA or NA, 12 Step Abstinence based Rehabilitation services in and around Calderdale.

By the end of Phase Two a service user will:
  • have full recognition and acceptance of their addiction as a disease
  • begin to learn how to rebalance their lifestyle
  • start to repair some of the damage both physically and socially
    (i.e. restoring relationships and addressing health conditions.

Phase Three: Maintenance & Personal Development

This is the provision of vocational work through Colt Enterprise which has included; furniture restoration workshops, building maintenance, promotion of industrious healthy lifestyles (i.e. work ethic, nutrition and exercise), linking in with local businesses and retail outlets.

By the end of Phase Three a service user will be able to:
  • maintain their progress whilst dealing with life's everyday problems
  • begin journeying into training, volunteering or employment
  • build an industrious lifestyle and work ethic, whilst maintaining their recovery

Start the journey of discovery to successful recovery

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